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    Fusion REST API in Workstation

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      Will we be getting the REST API from Fusion in Workstation? It seems to me that having a new API should be supported across the hosted products to enable single codebase for both Workstation and Fusion.



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          Mikero Master
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          I'll be transparent and say that's the goal, but we haven't committed to a timeline yet. The feature is derived from the former AppCatalyst project, but that was never originally designed for Win or Lin, only Mac. So we're definitely interested in doing it, but the work so far was around porting it to Fusion and then we can get to a unified codebase with WS.


          It's very encouraging to see your request tho... It's the feature I'm most excited about personally.

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            DaveP Master

            Thanks for the update. That is a strategy I like. Whilst I understand many APIs are for the products running in data centres, there are many development teams around the world that use a lot of hosted development and test VMs. Automating test scripts and setups on those machines would be a boon to everyday development which is why I was interested in a unified API.


            Actually I re-created the AppCatalyst API in Python last year so I could try the Vagrant AppCatalyst provider. You can find the code here GitHub - DrDonk/dsxcatalyst: Emulated VMware AppCatalyst API for Fusion and Workstation. It currently just runs most of the commands by shelling out to vmrun. Would VMware mind if I extended it to match whatever changes are in the new API? (Haven't had a a chance to play with the betas so far.)

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              Thanks for the feedback... Our vision is to have the same automation tools and processes that you would use for data center deployments get modified for hosted deployments and then cloud deployments just by changing the destination/endpoint. "Write once, deploy to all the VMwares" is the mantra.


              As for contributing, by all means! That's exactly what forking is all about, and why I'm personally a huge fan of Github. (I happen to have a big octo-cat on my desk... ).