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    REST interface needs authentication

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      Congrats on the release, installed and testing! Exciting indeed.


      As the subject says, I think the REST interface should require authentication and yes I read:


      API Considerations


      This feature is experimental and should not be used in production systems. In addition, there are several specific noteworthy deployment considerations:


      • The vmrest service will run as the user who started it. sudo vmrest would make the root user run the service, for example.
      • The service does not provide authentication. Access to the network path where the API resides should be restricted if security is a concern at this time.
      • HTTP requests are not encrypted.


      Telling the user to firewall his machine sadly isn't sufficient.

      Let me tell you what I did.


      I created a new VM, played with it. Worked great, looks cool in the new GUI.

      Then started the rest interface via ./vmrest and pointed a browser to my test host from another machine in the network.


      Listing VMs? Works great too.

      Hmm.. what's that? Deleting VMs?

      First time I tried it told me the VM was locked, but on the second time it was a success.


      So that means one can remotely delete VMs!


      Let that sink in for a while.

      You install a tool that enables the REST interface on your behalf. Most people won't know that it was started and not all tools written have security in mind.


      Then a malicious actor scans your network, finds the standard port, points a browser to it and lists your VMs.

      While that is scary already.


      There's NO additional credentials required to delete a VM!


      OK for a beta, but please PLEASE add some extra authentication requirement before final release.




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