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    vdk open, now what to do?

    pantagruel Novice

      Hi, I'm opening a vm redo file with vdk.


      I get the following :


      Timestamp does not match parent, Abort Ignore.


      I choose ignore. It gives me:



      Started the Virtual Disk Driver.

      Failed to open file 'Windows XP Professional.vmdk.REDO_a03420'.

      Den angivne fil blev ikke fundet.

      Input correct path : WindowsXPProfessional.vmdk.REDO_a03420

      Timestamp doesn't match the parent.

          C:\WMWARE_Partition\Windows XP Professional\WindowsXPProfessional.vmdk.REDO_

      a03420 -> 0x78a87ee4

          C:\WMWARE_Partition\Windows XP Professional\Windows XP Professional.vmdk ->


      A) abort / I) ignore ? i

      Virtual Disk 0

      Access Type     : Writable

      Disk Capacity   : 25165824 sectors (12288 MB)

      Geometry        : (C) 16383 * (H) 16 * (S) 63

      Number Of Files : 2


        Type     Size    Path

      \-------  \-------  -

        VMDK   25165824  C:\WMWARE_Partition\Windows XP Professional\WindowsXPProfessi


      \-------  \-------  -

        VMDK   25165824  C:\WMWARE_Partition\Windows XP Professional\Windows XP Profes



      Partitions      :


      1.   Start Sector    Length in sectors    Type

           --   \--



            0              0   25165824 ( 12288 MB) 



      Now the question is, how do I get files and or whole folders that are stored in this disk out? I can't mount it, evidently because the timestamp does not match the parent.



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          continuum Guru User Moderators vExpert

          Are you useing a command like this:

          vdk open 0 "C:\WMWARE_Partition\Windows XP Professional\WindowsXPProfessional.vmdk.REDO_a03420" /p:1: /l:z: /code


          Looks like you didn't use /p parameter and mounted the full disk instead of useing a specific partition.


          Override the time-missmatch - but be prepared to find corrupted data - as you have done something wrong - otherwise you wouldn't get the time-missmatch.

          Did you mount the basedisk without the REDO?