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    Windows 10 Pro guest wan't load on Windows 10 Pro Host after update to 12.5.7

    LordKiRon Lurker

      Well , just as title says, updated from 12.something (not really sure but like a half year ago) to latest 12.5.7 and since then can't start any Windows 10 guests.

      The Windows freezes with round thing stopped rotating and that's it.


      Next time (after power off) it tries to recover and freezes again.

      Tried to start from installation ISO image - freezes too, tried to install new Windows 10 VM on new disk - freeze again both custom and "Easy mode".

      Windows XP VM starts fine.

      Uninstalled VMWare Workstation Pro , removed everything , even cleaned folders and registry manually and installed again - same problem.

      Here is a log created (this one from failed installation attempt):


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      Any ideas ?

      (besides reverting to 12.0 and attempting to install one by one or reinstalling host ?)