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    host html5 website no longer working???

    wayneoakley-msi Novice

      used to work great but have not had reason to use it in the past few weeks and now none of the 19 hosts that i have respond properly on the html5 webclient.


      all hosts are the latest version of esxi 6.5, all hosts work properly with the latest vcenter 6.5 release.


      tried different browsers, tried clearing cache and history and so on, same result of not working


      sometimes i can get the login page and get successfully logged in on a host and the basics of the page are drawn and the window on the upper right has the basics of a progress bar but then it sticks there with no further updates anywhere on the page  with chrome it just sits for a long time and then pops a window from chrome about timeout

      also tried several different servers with different versions of o/s and web browser.


      as mentioned it is happening to all hosts.  this particular host has no load (no running guests)


      quite puzzled and it is becoming a bit of a problem, particularly with vcenter needs to be rebooted and monitored to status using console on the host.


      would anybody happen to have some insight on this or suggestions on further troubleshooting.