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    VMware 6 and iSCSI with LACP

    jalbou Lurker




      I'm currently trying to setup an LACP (LAG) for my iSCSI Storage under VMware 6



      On the Network side I have sucessfully setup my LACP (trunk) from my HP switch as described :


      On vCenter side I created a LAG group and assign my 2 vmnic uplink in this LAG as described and I attach a VMkernel iSCSI porgroup  :


      There is my actual Network teaming and failover options to my ISCSI portgroup :



      I still have this non compliance check for my portgroup during adding it to my software ISCSI Adapter , it say that my physical network adapter selected is no associated to a VMkernel adapter with a valid network teaming and failover rule. The VMkernel adapter mus have the an active uplink and any standby uplink



      How can I specify the LAG group on my iSCSI adapter ?


      Any hint ?


      Thank you