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    Thinapp clickonce app

    sjesse Expert



      I'm working with a click once app that requires you to logon to a webpage first and then have the link on the webpage launch the app. This means I can't open the clickonce app directly, because there is session token that is passed from the website to the click once app. In a last attempt to get this to work with Horizon View application pools I'm trying to put it in a thinapp. The problem is I've captured internet explorer 10 and that works as expected, and I've tried to capture the dot net framework 4.5 as well. When  I launch the click once app , I get a message that "ClickOnce has stopped working" and the event is CLR20r3 and it references dfsvc.exe, System.Drawing, and System.ArgumentException. Has anyone seen something similar?


      ScreenHunter_05 Jul. 11 08.49.jpg

      If I set ChildProcessEnvironmentDefault=External  I don't get that error, but that's because its using the local dot net framework.