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    Xaas BP request template fails via postman API

    msk05 Enthusiast

      We have imported a Xaas BP into vRA and its package into vRO. It is just a customized form with T-shirt size VM provisioning workflow. When we submit the catalog item from vRA portal it works seamlessly but when we get the https://vRAHOSTNAME/catalog-service/api/consumer/entitledCatalogItems/759788c4-bcfa-43d8-808b-3fa122fcbbf4/requests/template template using postman API it fails with below error


      When I checked the vRA log the reason for failure is as below , we have manually created the Xaas BP instead of importing into vRA but still the same error appears in vRA logs. I am unsure what is service type ID in our Xaas BP. Please advice.


      2017-07-06 11:12:45,147 vcac: [component="cafe:catalog" priority="ERROR" thread="tomcat-http--30" tenant="vsphere.local" context="KImIOHjs" token="KImIOHjs"] com.vmware.vcac.catalog.service

      .impl.RequestServiceImpl.getCatalogItemInstanceBasedSchema:2381 - supplyMissingExternalSchemas failed

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Service type id was null or empty