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    UAG Blast - Failed to resolve proxying route for request

    Gezmonder Novice



      We have had UAG running for a while and it works fine using the full client but there has been a recent requirement for HTML Blast access for external users which does not work fine.


      It's been enabled for a while as far as I'm concerned but we never tested it. Authentication works fine and users can see and select their desktop pool, it then takes them to a screen saying "Failed to resolve proxying route for request".


      I have downloaded to log bundle but it's not revelaing very much at all. The last entry in the esmanager.log file says "Accessing virtual/rdsh desktop using protocol BLAST with ipAddress x.x.x.x (the connection server). The BG log file really doesn't say anything of note.


      HTML access works fine internally if not using the UAG and there are no drops of any traffic on the firewalls. I do have a load balancer in place but I am bypassing that for now and just pointing at a single connection server, it makes no difference though.


      Horizon 7.01

      UAG 2.9