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    SQL Server Management Studio 2012 - "Invalid license data. Reinstall is required." Error

    julian2 Enthusiast

      I'm trying to create an App Volume of MS SQL Server Management Studio 2012. I'm using App Volumes 2.12. I have an Horizon 7 VDI pool made from a Windows 7 64bit parent VM. The build VM is a clone of the parent VM, using the same snapshot that was used to build the VDI pool.


      The capture of the install works fine. I'm installing from an SQL Server 2012 ISO file that includes a valid license key. When I test the App Volume, I am assigning it to a test user and then logging in to the desktop pool using the same test user. When I run "SQL Server Management Studio" I get the following error:


      "Invalid license data. Reinstall is required."


      Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.