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    Metadata Services

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      I have managed to finally resolve the OpenStack images working with VIO. It appears that VIO did not convert the OpenStack cloud images properly. I have to use qemu-img to first convert the image.


      Anyway, now moving on to Metadata.


      I have VIO installed as  per the guide and with NSX. However the Cirros image I receive metadata failures.


      It may be a firewall issue but need some guidance on what needs to be looked at as all the NSX firewall rules are as standard. Does ICMP need to be open or any other ports for metadata ?


      I have tried the curl request to using port 8775 but that does not receive any response.



      After 20 failures we can login



      Not sure why there are detached ports.. Is it safe to remove these ?


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          refer to KB Network port requirements for VMware NSX for vSphere 6.x (2079386), although not sure if this answers the question

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            Did you ever find a solution to this benjamin000?

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              The following are the key components of MDS:

              • MDS metadata repository.MDS stores the customizations in a metadata repository and retrieves them at runtime to merge the customizations with the base metadata to reveal the customized application.An MDS repository can be file-based or database-based. For production environments, a database-based MDS repository is preferable because of advantages such as efficient set-based queries, atomic transaction semantics, versioning, and the ability to isolate and test metadata changes on selected users in a running environment .For more information on setting up a metadata repository, see "Managing the Metadata Repository" in Administering Oracle Fusion Middleware on pinoy channel.
              • Customization classes.A customization class is the interface that MDS uses to define which customization applies to the base definition metadata. Each customization class defines a customization layer (for example, industry or site) and can contain multiple layer values.
              • Metadata Archive (MAR).A MAR file is a compressed archive of selected metadata that is used to deploy an application's customizations to the MDS Repository.
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