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    Migration Failed

    stevenstapleton56 Novice

      Error:    Cannot migrate serverxx from , LOCAL_15K_datastore to serverxx, shared datastore.


      No Snapshots, No lock. Plenty of SPace on the shared storage.

      attempted normal migrate of datastore only, with server on and with server shutdown.

      Used advance options to move larger 262GB drive and vol Info.

      reattempted the smaller 42GB drive keeps failing.

      vCenter 6.0

      Attempted with server shutdown and cd drive that sometimes cause this type of issue removed..

      Third attempt was to go to browse datastore and copy vmdk file to another folder in same storage or to second storage both failed.


      Server is up and running and DB is up and running, but really want to get the c:\ drive moved to the shared storage.

      esxi host password unknown, or I would try winscp to copy the two remaining files (42GB vmdk and 2MB -ctk.vmdk) server is back running till I figure out a plan.

      all other files are moved to shared storage.





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