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    VMware VCenter features.

    DevaDx Novice

      Hi geeks,




      I have a one question for you all in our organization we have 2 ESXI host.


      For example, the 2 ESXI host names are TestESXI 1 and TestESXI 2


      The 2-new ESXI hosts are connected in same network only.


      We have VMware VCenter also license is Essentials’


      Now what we are looking is if I create a new VM in TestESXI 1 it should also replicate are clone the VM to TestESXI 2.


      If the VM I created in TestESXI 1 is failed then the replica of VM present in TestESXI 2 will be automatically comes to online without downtime.


      Are there any options are available to perform this task?


      Please let me know


      Thanks & Regards,

      Devaraj Sankar