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    VMware Workstation 12 Bridging problem with vmnet0

    mvanwieringen Novice

      Hi Team,


      I have an issue with vmnet0, whereby vmnet0 is not showing up in "ifconfig -a". This is my environment:


      Host: Ubuntu 14.04

      VMware Workstation version 11.1.2


      This started happening about 2 weeks ago: when starting a VM that uses the bridged interface, it comes up with the error message "The network bridge on device /dev/vmnet0 is temporarily down because the bridged Ethernet interface is down."


      When looking at "vmware-netcfg", all settings are as they have always been. Specifically with respect to the bridged connection: it is bridged to "Automatic" and the "Automatic Settings..." have a tick for each interface on my system. The line item for vmnet0 shows:


      Name: vmnet0

      Type: bridged

      External Connection: auto-bridging

      Host Connection: ---

      DHCP ---

      Subnet IP Address: ---


      I have also tried to force the bridging onto a specific interface, by changing the automatic settings to a specific interface. This does not resolve the issue.


      I decided to upgrade VMware Workstation to version 12.5.6, hoping the issue would get resolved that way. This did not make a difference.


      I then decided to wipe out my hard drive and install Ubuntu 16.04.2. After the installation, I installed VMware Workstation 12.5.6. Doing all this, also did not resolve the issue.


      I found that the vmnet-bridge process is running:


      $ ps aux  | grep vmnet-bridge

      root     21321  0.0  0.0   7004   196 ?        Ss   13:25   0:00 /usr/bin/vmnet-bridge -s 12 -d /var/run/vmnet-bridge-0.pid -n 0


      However, while researching this issue, I found that sometimes you have to manually run:


      /usr/bin/vmnet-netifup -d /var/run/vmnet-netifup-vmnet0.pid /dev/vmnet0 vmnet0


      After running this, I can see the vmnet0 interface listed in the output of "ifconfig -a", however I cannot seem to use it.


      BTW, I got the above from this link: networking - Bridged virtual interface is not available or visible to ifconfig - Server Fault


      Some other info: /dev/vmnet0 exists.


      Not sure what to do anymore at this stage. Any help is greatly appreciated.