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    Is instructor led training still required for VCP6/VCP6.5?

    imrazor Novice

      I'm interested in learning more about VMWare and virtualization, and would love to make a career of it, to the point that I've set up a VMWare ESXi home lab up. However, instructor led training presents an insurmountable barrier for me. There is no way that I can afford to fly to a strange city, pay for five days of food and lodging, and cough up another $2K or $3K for tuition. That's not to mention 5 days of lost pay from my job. And, there's no way my employer is paying for any of this.


      My other certification (admittedly more basic than a VCP) I acquired with self-study. Other highly desirable certifications do not have this requirement. So if I'm interested in learning virtualization, it'd be far cheaper for me to get a Hyper-V or Red Hat cert. Why should I cough up thousands of dollars to get a VMWare cert?