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    Bizarre Remote Console Behaviour

    deanvictrix Lurker

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a ticket open with Support however its with the software team at the moment so I thought I would ask here incase on the off chance someone has seen this before.


      We have a vRA 6.2 and a vRA 7.2 platform. 6.2 works with no issues.

      7.2 for some reason when I click "Connect to Remote Console" on a deployed VM, the initial connection to the console fails with the below error, however hitting a refresh on the browser the remote console connection initiates, originally I thought this was an issue with our F5's but I have changed things around and built separate platforms to test that do not go through the F5 and I still get the errors:


      Cannot establish a remote console connection , verify that the machine is powered on if the server has self-signed certificate, you might need to accept certificate, then close and retry the connection.


      Any help suggestions appreciated.