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    6.5 Fault Tolerance. Are all virtual disks duplicated?

    Felipe_Conde Lurker

      I have a question regarding FT in version 6.5. According to the official documentation, Primary VMs and Secondary VMs always maintain independent vmdk copies, which can be placed on different datastores to increase redundancy.


      First question: So if I create a VM with a virtual disk for the operating system, and 10 other virtual disks for data, does this mean that the 11 virtual disks will be duplicated on the Secondary VM when FT is enabled? Or does the duplication only apply to the VM configuration files and operating system disk?


      Second question: The limitations state that Fault Tolerance is not supported with a 2TB+ VMDK. Does this apply only for the virtual disk where the VMs operating system resides on, or does it also apply to additional virtual disks that I add to the VM?


      Thanks to whoever can clarify this !

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          vijayrana968 Master

          1. Yes, FT copies all disks to the secondary storage. In your case it will applies to all 11 disks. In case of failure, you dont want recover only the OS disk but all other disks to bring VM fully operational. Maximum number of disk supported is 16.


          2. 2TB limit applies to all virtual disks associated with protected VM. Keep in mind that when you enable FT on a VM it will make a secondary copy of full VM (all attched disks, configuration files)

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