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    Cannot RDC to desktop after installing Horizon Agent

    marcony Novice



      I noticed, that Remote Desktop Connection used from Win OS level, is not possible to remote desktop, after installing Horizon Agent on that desktop.

      I am using Horizon Agent v7.1, and RDC is not possible, no matter if desktop source is managed (part of MS AD) or unmanaged (agent installed on physical desktop or desktop that is not part of MS domain, or even is not installed on vSphere platform).


      To clarify, I am talking about RDC from Win OS, not the Horizon Client (that might be using RDP).


      Furthermore, I noticed, that after removing Horiizon Agent from unmanaged desktop, RDC is again available/possible (if correctly configured on desktop machine). On the other hand, when removing Horizon Agent on managed desktop, I cannot find a way how to get RDC working again. Cannot find any wrong detail within Windows Firewall, that might be cause of the issue...


      For the moment, I am asking for help, how to configure unmanaged desktop, to allow RDC, after Horizon Agent (v7.1) is installed. At the end, this desktop does not have anything in common with domain policies, as this one is not part of the domain, and not installed on vSphere environment, but on one free ESXi server. So, domain policies should not be the cause of blocked RDC.


      Any help would be appreciated.