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    VSAN compression

    vmsysadmin201110141 Novice

      Hi all,


      is it possible to monitor VSAN compression and deduplication ratio for a single VM?


      I have a thin-provisioned test VM, 60 GB disk, about 11.3 are used by the guest OS. Checking with RVC (vsan.vmdk_stats), shows used space for this VM is 32.9 GB (0.5x).


      The VSAN datastore is AFA RAID5, compression and dedupe enabled, num of stripes set to 2, Object Space Reservation % = 0.


      When I run "sdelete -z" to write zeroes in the guest, the used capacity goes from 32.9 GB to 79.5 GB (1.3x) . Shouldn't those zeroes be compressed on the VSAN datastore? Why I don't see any savings? Is it even possible to verify that those zeroes got compressed or deduped on a VSAN?