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    Some hosts in cluster not seeing vVols

    Admlshak3 Novice

      I have 8 hosts in a cluster that I'm trying to get this set up on.  I downloaded the dell appliances (this is a equallogic SAN), configured it, got it working in vsphere.  However when I go to make my vVols, only 5 of my 8 hosts show a Protocol Endpoint listing.  If I go to the Dell VSM tab, I can see all the vvols I've created.  WHen I go into the storage for this cluster I can seem them with a red ! and a "Vsphere HA failed to create a configuration vVol for this datastore and so will not be able to protect virtual machines on the datastore until the problem is resolved." error.  I did notice that there is a "detail = not Accessible" at the tail end of the error.  But When I go it to the storage console I can see that it's connected.  The NIC's all appear to be configured correctly, are support, up to date on firmware.  All the hosts have been allowed access.  I can see and use a separate LUN on that same san on all these hosts.  Just seems to be an issue with the vVols.  Scratching my head on this one.