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    vRA 7.2 - vRO 7.2 - loading all CAFE VMs with Server.findAllForType not working on bigger groups

    Czernobog Hot Shot


      I'm one emmbeded vRA 7.2 Orchestrator instance. I've configured a few Cafe Hosts and try to query them vor VMs.

      For my workflow I need to load all VMs in the system. I did this so far with

      var vCACCAFEVMs = Server.findAllForType("vCACCAFE:CatalogResource");

      However, this does not seem to work with one hosts, where about 140 VMs are placed. Smaller Hosts, where about 10 VMs are laced currently, are loading the VMs fine.

      When I try to check on the VMs in the plugin directly (under the vRA Hosts), after clicking on the "Items" folder no items are loaded.


      Is there a way to efficienlty load all Cafe VMs in a short time? I found a quick workaround but it's taking about 15-20 minutes instead of 1-2 as it was previously...