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    Thinapp Windows XP application to Windows 10

    Lalegre Enthusiast

      As the title says, is it possible to thinapp application on Windows XP and run them on Windows 10?


      For example, Oracle 8i Client.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Lakshmana Prakash Virtuoso
          VMware EmployeesvExpert

          In general, there have been a lot of changes in the operating system from XP to Win 10. Any reason for packaging on Windows XP that is not supported anymore?

          The ThinApp packaged on XP may or may not work on Win 10, we really need to test and check.

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            mtcarmelavenue Lurker

            I'm curious to get a little clarification:


            1) Can the packaging process work in Windows XP using the latest version of Thinapp (got trial today)?

            2) Once a package is created, does it usually matter which version of Thinapp created the package as to whether it works?

            3) Particularly if (2) is yes, is it really then a balancing act to get a version of Thinapp that is maybe equidistant from the original environment (WinXP) and the target environment (Win10)?

            4) Isn't the whole point of packaging that IF it works in one environment (once packaged), it definitely works in any environment? Assumedly this is the goal, but if its not really met, is part of the problem that VMware drops support for source-target combinations after a time just like any software?

            5) Is there a specific support list for combinations of source and target?

            6) Perhaps most importantly (depending on above), is it easy to get old versions of Thinapp?

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              VirtAppLife Enthusiast

              Hi Lalegre,


              In my experience, Virtualized Oracle 8i Client (ODBC) can run on Windows 10.

              I installed all apps including Oracle directly under the C drive.


              Case of installatin to Program Files on WinXP(x86), it did not work on Windows10(x64). (TNS error occurred)


              Best Regards,