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    AppVol 2.12.1 - Certificate has not been verified

    Erossman Enthusiast

      Hi guys,


      can anyone of you confirm that the vcenter certificate verfication in appvol manager get lost again after few days?

      We have the vmware self-signed certificate on our vcenter server. We also accept this certificate in appvolumes 2.12.1 with click on accept (machine managers).


      After that I can see the message: "Certificate: Using administrator trusted certificate"

      If I check this setting after few days its again lost and I have to accept the certificate again. It's doesn't impact the appvol functionality, but I will create a lot of log entries.....


      Validating SSL certificate for "VCA.domain.local": Rejected because certificate is neither verified nor trusted

      Failed to connect to vSphere at "domain\srvappvol@VCA.domain.local": SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed