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    Data Center Changes

    Super6VCA Hot Shot

      We are merging with another group and have a lot to do on the infrastructure side of things.  They are across town and have an essentials version of 5.5 which they share resources with another group no joining us.  We run vSphere 6 U3 Standard version at our site while also running Horizon 7 Enterprise.  Horizon 7 is very pricey at this point and as much as i tried to sell it it won't go.  People that pay the bills are pretty squeaky.  My question is this...What scenario is a better solution.  Trying to integrate their system into ours, upgrading theirs to a different version,  or us adding additional host at their location.  We don't need a bunch of servers over there but we will need a few.  Any thoughts or comments are welcome.  thanks.



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          It depends on the situation -- do you have things to consider like Bandwidth // Application Access issues


          Think about the issues what would if you move their servers to your location what would impact them or in which way that site will be impacted


          If you think few servers are needed at that site then no need to merge them with yours --- simply update the site and fix the loop holes