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    Not all user accounts are properly imported into vRealize Operations Manager 6.5 from AD Group

    kwg66 Enthusiast

      This subject pretty much sums it up...    Logged in as Admin, I import group from AD and provide it rights to everything, these are the engineers will work with vROM 6.5 in our organization.   In AD, the group contains 12 members, but after importing the group in vRealize Ops 6.5 I only see 9 members, which explains why I can't log in.. haha


      So how do I fix this? 


      Here is what I've already done:

      - verified the domain source, the domain controller we are connecting to is XXX, when I connect directly to XXX via AD users and Computers, change to domain controller XXX, I see that all 12 members are in the group.

      - deleted the AD group, performed a resync, then re-added the AD group, same issue, only brings in 9 of the 12 users in the group. 


      Why is vRealize only pulling down 9 of the members, leaving 3 out, including me, the very guy that recommended this product to our organization.  Talk about irony..