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    VMWare Horizon Client crashed WIndows 10 Creator's update witn Out-Of-Memory errors

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      I am posting this for my wife, who has a Windows 10 workstation, version Windows 10 Home 6.315063, at home with VMWare Horizontal Client, version 3.5.2 build-3150477 running, she uses it to connect to her office Server as remote computing. She has been using it for at least over a year or so, since Windows 8 days. It is experiencing OS crash/reboot multiple times a day with Out-Of-Memory errors upon upgrading it to Creator's update. I usually update our machines at home to the latest fixes/updates/upgrades but this is the first time she is experiencing this issue. It has been very frustrating for her and me as well, as I got the blame on it.


      I have been searching at your forums, there is a mentioning to disable the 'virtual printing', but I could not find it inside VMWare client. I saw one of the screenshots here, VMWare Workstation 12 on Windows 10 with creators Update "Not enough physical memory is available" but it seems like it is inside a Virtual Machine' not on this VMWare Horizon Client.


      Please let me know what I can do to mitigate this issue, like it will crash just VMWare client not the OS. At least this would help some pain.