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    (new) Fault Tolerance with VDP 6.1

    eai Novice

      Environment: Using vSphere / ESXi 6.5.0d, the latest corresponding vCenter (build 5318154), the new (not legacy!) Fault Tolerance, and VDP 6.1.  vSphere HA is configured correctly and is protecting about 75 VMs.


      Problem: Every time I want to save my HA cluster settings I am getting an error like "Storage Protection will be disabled," for FT-enabled VMs, and do I want to proceed.  If I say yes, sure enough, when I went to look at my regular VDP daily backups, all machines for which I had FT enabled were no longer being backed up.


      I thought all VADP-based / vStorage API solutions were supported with the new FT, is this not the case for VDP itself?  FWIW, I am using vSAN 6.6 (disk format 5) datastores for the VDP appliance and for the FT VMs, but I didn't think this would matter.


      Any takers?


      Thanks in advance...

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          eai Novice

          Maybe I should read the doc not just search on the forums.


          I just saw this:


          Backup fails if VM is enabled with VMware Fault Tolerance

          If a VM has fault tolerance enabled, the backup will fail. This is expected behavior. VDP does not support backing up VMs that have Fault Tolerance enabled.

          While that stinks to high heaven, I suppose it answers my question.


          So is this something that's planned to be supported?  It would be nice to use VDP for truly mission-critical VMs, which are the ones one would naturally use FT with...

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            SavkoorSuhas Expert

            The answer is no.


            No more new features for VDP. It is EOA now.
            VDP is good for small to mid size business. If you are running Mission Critical VMs then you should look into other solutions.