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    Creating a friendly name for vRA web portal

    jlui Lurker

      I have a vRA deployment implemented at my company. Everything is running and appears to be set up all correctly.

      The appliance, and therefore the URL, currently reflects my company's machine naming convention.

      I would like to have a more friendly name presented to my users. Rather than https://servername.mycompany.net/vcac/org/abc, I would like it to show https://selfservice.mycompany.net.

      I created a CNAME in DNS. When I browse to selfservice, it does point me at servername, but the URL ultimately comes back as https://servername.mycompany.net instead of https://selfservice.mycompany.net/ . Does something need to be configured on the appliance to have vRA respond as the alias, rather than the hostname?


      Thank you.