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    Folder Redirection

    burgerking68 Lurker

      Hi, i'm new in VMWare UEM. We're coming from VMWare Persona. Now i want to migrate to UEM. I've got a question about "Folder Redirection". Why is there the recommandation and warning for not redirect Desktop, Favorites etc in cause of network and/or fileserver performance issues? Why ist this recommandet for this kind but not for the Documents, Downloads or other above? I understand this for do not acitivate Folder-Redirection for "Roaming AppData". But not for "Desktop" and "Favorites"....


      Thanks for answers and sorry for my bad english.





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          ijdemes Expert

          Hi burgerking68,


          As the warning implies, Desktop/Favorites/Programs Menu/Roaming AppData are highly active profile folders that put more load on your file server (system) and network. Highly active means that those folders are queried a lot by the OS and applications. If you have a lot of users for which you configure redirection for these folders it may exhaust file server/network and therefore may result in performance degradation.


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            Pim_van_de_Vis Expert
            vExpertVMware Employees

            UEM is just kind enough to warn you about the implications. UEM redirects folders the same way Microsoft does it with a Folder Redirection GPO, but they never warn you what impact the redirection might have.