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    parent image windows page file size???

    HainesFGL Lurker

      I'm going blind reading article after article about how to configure Windows Virtual Memory.  In my case Windows 7.  I have a new created and optimized parent image and have set it with NO paging File.  For the most part things seem to be running very smoothly.  2 Cores and 8GB RAM for these VMs.  The heaviest users are crunching numbers using Excel, but for the most part we aren't doing anything super processor intensive.


      I know this is one of those "It Depends" scenarios, but what are others doing?  What is a good way to test?


      Any help would be highly appreciated.

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          Raul Hot Shot

          "Every powered on Virtual Machine on the ESxi host will have a.vswp file (swap file ) associated with it. This .vswp file will stored in the Virtual Machine directory by default. This .vswp file will be automatically deleted, when virtual machine is powered off. By default, .vSwp file size is same as the configured memory size of the Virtual machine. This .vswp file will be used, if the host is actively over-committed and higly utilized. In that instance, ESXi host will start swapping the VM memory from the host’s physical memory into .vswp file just like as operating system does when running out of memory."


          * You are wasting 5 GB RAM out of 8 in those VMs

          * The total amount of memory you assign to all virtual machines running on a single host may not exceed 4 GB.

          * For your environment 3 GB RAM is enough

          * Fit all virtual machine memory into reserved host RAM

          * Select “Custom Size” on the golden VMs

          Initial size (MB): xxxx (equals the amount of memory of the VM)

          Maximum Size (MB): xxxx (equals the amount of memory of the VM)


          Sizing memory! it's more complicated than CPUs to size properly. Too much or too little can devastate application performance.



          VMware VDI Administrator.


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