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    Model vRA for Multiple Lab Environments

    dgerolymatos Lurker

      Hi all,


      Can someone please help me get started in modelling my vRA 7.2 blueprints, reservation policies etc?


      I want to use vRA to provide IaaS for an engineering team to host multiple PoC environments in parallel. A vRA user may need access to request machines in POC1 and POC3, but not POC2, for example.


      • I have vCenter and vRO Endpoints configured
      • I have a POC Fabric Group
      • I have set up AD groups: "POC1 Admins", "POC1 Users", "POC2 Admins", "POC2 Users" etc
      • I have set up Business Groups: "POC1 Business Group", "POC2 Business Group" etc
      • I have reservations: POC1 Reservation, POC2 Reservation etc
      • I have Network Profiles: POC1-VLANx, POC2-VLANy etc
      • I have Reservation Policies: POC1 Res, POC2 Res etc
      • I have Blueprints for W2K12 and CentOS
      • I have AD Policies AD_POC1, AD_POC2 etc
      • I have created separate Services: POC1, POC2 etc


      The objective is to add a user to an AD group for the respective POC (e.g. POC1 Users), then they automatically get the entitlement to request either blueprint which gets deployed on the respective reservation. I don't want to have separate blueprints for each POC, or the user to have to select an item from a drop-down at request time as to which POC environment to deploy to. The problem with this is that they may select POC3 during the request, but not be entitled to use that POC.


      Can someone please help me join the dots?