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    vRealize LogInsight integration

    JimKnopf99 Master


      i have a question about the integration of vRealize Loginsight.

      With Operations Manager 6.5, i have the possibility to open the loginsight directly from the operations manager. Also i have a "Logs" Tab available to browse the logs for a particular host.


      From the homescreen, i am able to open the new log Insight tab. But i have to authenticate. Is that "normal" or should it be sso?

      If i search for a host and wan´t to open the new "logs" tab, i receive the message "This vROps is not integrated with a log insight yet.


      I have configured the log insight solution to connect with my log insight server and the collection state is green. Also if i test the settings i am able to connect to the log insight server.

      On LogInsight i have configured the vrealize operations manager to connect to my current operations manager instance. I also enable the "enable alerts integrations" and "enable launch in context".


      The enable launch in context is working. I also created a own certificate from a internal ca to use with both products.

      So the two questions are,


      1. Why i am getting the error message "This vROps is not integrated with a log insight yet" while opening the logs tab?

      2. Is it "normal" to not have SSO while click on the log insight button at the home screen. With my vrealize operations Active Directory Account, i have admin permissions in loginsight as well.


      We are using the latest loginsight and vrops versions. But keep in mind, that we are using the "free" 25 osi license of loginsight.