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    Remote desktop to VM question

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      we have VMware infrastructure in our central office. I am testing web application which is using WebRTC protocol. The web app is connecting to server not in our office. I my use laptop to connect to VM and from that VM I open that web app. There are three cases:

      1. I remote desktop to VM where I open vSphere Client to connect to vSphere and open console of guest VM.

      2. I remote desktop to guest VM directly.

      3. I open VMware Horizon Client and connect to guest VM directly.

      From that VM I open browser and connect to webpage (which is as I said using WebRTC) where i can call to cellular network. So from that application i can call to my cellular phone. And I have three situations:

      1. I can call from that WebRTC app, but when I talk to cellular phone I do not hear any voice in my Laptop.

      2. I cannot call to phone. It says disconnected.

      3. I can call to cellular phone and hear everything in my Laptop.


      Remote desktop connection option Remote audio playback is on. So it seems from connection type depends all audio experience. I'm a bit of lost from where to start troubleshooting.


      I also tried just simple youtube clip to test sound.
      1. No sound

      2. Is sound

      3. Is sound

      So i think in first case vSphere server has no audio drivers, but if i play youtube inside VM should it have them? For other sound problems I suspect firewall...