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    Problem with NCH Flexi station time tracking tool

    Abhi12pusa Lurker

      Hi Techies,


      My name is Abhishek working as virtualization administrator. we have Vsphere VDI environment here at our office. we use NCH flexi sation software product of NCH. this tool tracks the time for employees working in production.

      the problem we are facing is, time is not matching with client and server. lets suppose if someone gets logged in at 8:30 in the morning it shows some other time on the server and at times it does not even show the time.

      we work on non persistent machines and this issue is with non persistent machines only. there are 2 files created in log.

      1. Event log.

      2. Activity log.


      same activity file gets created n the server as well, but this is where we are facing trouble.

      can some one tell me some resolution so that it can be fixed.