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    XaaS Form User Validation

    JoJoGabor Expert

      Hi, I have 3 questions about XaaS forms:


      Is it possible to apply a regex validation to a text field in an XaaS form? Its possible in the IaaS form so it must be available in XaaS right?


      Also I wanted to have a checkbox validating whether a certain value in a text field (such as a hostname) was available for use. This is linked to an action which returns true or false, which works fine. However I wanted another field to only be made visible when this checkbox is ticked, ie the hostname is available. This only works when ticking it manually, the result of the action does not make the second text field visible or invisible - is this just a limitation in the form?


      Is it possible to apply any colour to the fields. In particular to the checkbox mentioned above. If I changed this to a text field and the host name was not available for use, I'd like this to say "NOT AVAILABLE" in Red.