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    Using Quadro 6000 vSGA on ESXi 5.5, is there an upgrade path that doesn't need me to buy GRID instead?

    Stilez Lurker

      As the question says, I'm still using vSphere 5.5 with vSGA on a Quadro 6000 (for lightweight graphics hw support), because I can't justify the cost of a GRID for this small setup only a generation after buying the Quadro. I'm happy to stick with 5.5 but it's going to become EOL sometime soon so I'd also like to upgrade to a live vShpere product - 6.0 or 6.5.


      However online info is unclear whether or not any of these would support vSGA (specifically the Quadro 6000 with vSGA). AMD's driver pages say the drivers for 6.0 are only for GRID cards, but forum and blog posts here as well as on other forums hint that at least some AMD drivers (304? 319?346?) will indeed handle the Quadro 6000 in vSGA mode at least on 6.0 (either officially or unofficially/unsupported), or perhaps if it's an upgrade rather than a new install. But it's not very clear.


      I'm not very worried whether or not the card would be officially supported as long as it works (pragmatic!), I'll cross that bridge if it's ever a hurdle.  But if there's any way to migrate to 6.x and keep vSGA without buying a new card, I'd really appreciate knowing?