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    Ubuntu 16.04 + Workstation 12.5.5 + NAT + Static IP on Guest - am i doing it wrong?

    thro Enthusiast

      OK, quick question - i'm sure i've done this before on Windows hosts and it is surely something people want to work...


      Windows guest.  Ubuntu 16.04 host.

      VMNET 8 - NAT

      DHCP on VMNET 8 enabled as per default - IP range


      DHCP IP in guest = access to outside networks work (can ping, DHCP allocated IP was

      Static IP in guest (IP, netmask, gateway = access to outside networks unavailable (can not ping  i can however ping



      Is this expected behaviour on a LINUX host?  OR is it something peculiar to my environment?

      Is it possible to fix?  I want to set up an AD domain in a lab environment on a NAT network with internet access from my host.