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    Storage Vmotion issue

    philippeutt Lurker

      Hello everybody. I have a problem with Storage vMotion.


      My datacenter is compsed of 4 Esxi 6.0 hosts with attached storage and a ISCSI SAN.

      I use VCenter 6.0 to control it.

      Until now, all my VMS were stored in a Data-store binded with a LUN of my SAN.

      So i decided to migrate them to the Data-stores created with hosts disks in order to emty my SAN.

      It works perfectly for most of the VMS.  But I have a problem with some of them.


      For a reason that I do not understand some of them are now linked to two data stores. The one in wich the wm was stored before the migration and the other in which it’s supposed to be.


      The files moved correctly from one data-store to another but the vm appears in the “Related objects” sections of the two data-stores.


      If I disconnect the SAN, the VMS concerned with this problem don’t stop working.


      The problem is that I can’t unmount the data-store created with my SAN because vcenter considers that it’s busy with those VMS.


      I can’t find any solution.


      Did anybody already encountered this problem?