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    Permissions problem with vSphere 6.5 -  "Cluster does not contain any hosts"

    unsichtbare Expert

      In vSphere 6.0 and prior, we have a Role created based on the Veeam Granular Permissions for vSphere. We apply this Role to a specific user/group at the Datacenter level without propagation, and we apply it to the specific user/group Resource Pool created for that OU.

      • In vSphere 6.0 and prior this works beautifully and allows Veeam to function, plus users of the OU can create new VMs and manage existing VMs in their and only their Resource Pool.

      In testing vSphere 6.5, applying the Role to the user/group at the Datacenter without propagation, and at the Resource Pool, I get a message "Cluster does not contain any hosts" when trying to create a new VM! Just to eliminate speculation about the Role itself, I get the same error when the Administrator Role is applied to the user/group at the Datacenter without propagation and at the Resource Pool!


      This is serious, because it basically prevents us moving forward with plans to migrate to 6.5! All of our OUs are separated by Resource Pools that have users assigned to them (which works perfectly in 6.0) and we will not meet our own SSAE16 or ISO 27001 standards if we can not make this work!


      Any Ideas?