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    vsphere space issue, still growing

    trogne Novice

      I don't understand why my vsphere is growing and growing.


      Without any snapshots, the VM folder is over 32 gb.  It was once only 15 gb.


      If you look at the "df -h" below, you'll see I'm not using that much.  Even if I substract the "/dev/sda3/" 5 gb, I'm stil at 27 gb.


      So what can explains the difference between 32 gb and 15 gb ?



      Here's my "df -h" :


      Filesystem                                Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

      devtmpfs                                  4.9G     0  4.9G   0% /dev

      tmpfs                                     4.9G  8.0K  4.9G   1% /dev/shm

      tmpfs                                     4.9G  708K  4.9G   1% /run

      tmpfs                                     4.9G     0  4.9G   0% /sys/fs/cgroup

      /dev/sda3                                  11G  5.0G  5.1G  50% /

      tmpfs                                     4.9G   11M  4.9G   1% /tmp

      /dev/mapper/netdump_vg-netdump            985M  1.3M  932M   1% /storage/netdump

      /dev/mapper/imagebuilder_vg-imagebuilder  9.8G   23M  9.2G   1% /storage/imagebuilder

      /dev/mapper/db_vg-db                      9.8G  108M  9.2G   2% /storage/db

      /dev/mapper/core_vg-core                   25G  365M   23G   2% /storage/core

      /dev/sda1                                 120M   28M   87M  24% /boot

      /dev/mapper/autodeploy_vg-autodeploy      9.8G   42M  9.2G   1% /storage/autodeploy

      /dev/mapper/log_vg-log                    9.8G  279M  9.0G   3% /storage/log

      /dev/mapper/dblog_vg-dblog                 15G  1.9G   12G  14% /storage/dblog

      /dev/mapper/seat_vg-seat                  9.8G   65M  9.2G   1% /storage/seat

      /dev/mapper/updatemgr_vg-updatemgr         99G   64M   94G   1% /storage/updatemgr