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    Upgrade of VCSA 6.0 to 6.5

    StephenMoll Enthusiast

      I have just spent time trying to upgrade an existing VCSA from 6.0 to 6.5.

      The two stage process appeared to complete without any errors and indeed reported a successful completion.

      However: When connecting to the new VCSA through a web browser and logging in, a series of error prompts were presented, all claiming an internal error with error #1065 occurred and giving different call chains.


      Before I go to the lengths of copying out the call chains (no direct electronic access the system in question) and bringing it to my desk for research, is this indicative of something fundamental I may have overlooked?


      For information: Dismissing the alerts (i.e. clicking NO to reloading the web client) I eventually get to the main window and able to browse around the clusters, hosts and VMs. It all appears to be present and correct. I haven't however been able to find any actions that work. I can't open a console on a VM, it silently fails. Likewise trying to edit a VMs settings. Trying to power up or shutdown a VM doesn't work either.