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      VMWare announced the End of Availability (EOA) of VMware Data Protection (2149614).

      This is quite disappointing, as many customers might have opted for using VDP after the announcement that VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced became part of VMware vSphere (and did no longer require purchase of a separate license):


      "Starting March 1, 2015, VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced will be consolidated into VMware vSphere Data Protection ... All functionality available with vSphere Data Protection Advanced, previously available as a standalone product, is now included in VMware vSphere Data Protection 6.0."


      If I understand it correctly, customers that are using VDP now need to change their backup policies and again need to purchase from VMWare:


      "Beginning today, Dell EMC is offering you a complimentary migration to the more robust and scalable Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition."


      Comments welcome!



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          jnsvano Novice

          I'd say, "extremely disappointing"


          I also didn't understand, must we purchase now something from Dell, additionally ? Though there is a following note found:


          "... Alternatively, since the product is based on Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition, Dell EMC is offering a more scalable solution, AT NO COST, that takes advantage of existing vSphere Data protection capabilities...." following by:


          "Dell EMC has introduced an offer ... includes .. Three years of free licensing of Avamar Virtual Edition up to the first 4TB of protected data. Maintenance costs will continue to apply..."


          "Additional Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition licenses will need to be purchased to protect data beyond 4TB"


          "After three years, customers will be required to purchase licenses to continue using Avamar Virtual Edition"


          price of this license and price of "maintance costs" ?

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            vdp4life Novice

            I think it's a bit unfair to pay for the support cost for 3 years. Avamar isn't cheap, so I think a lot of people are going to be upset about this.

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              snmdla Novice

              I would like to know how long it will be safe to run VDP.


              Is it correct to assume, judging from the lifecycle matrix, that VDP will be supported until March 2020?


              Thanks for sharing your opinion on this.

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                NTShad0w Enthusiast

                That's only my opinion mates, mainly for VMware and DELL managers.


                I see DELL is “working hard” to make VMware another lost technology and eaten by Microsoft, so this is a good way folks…

                ehhh :((

                So what with all that smaller than corporations companies that used VMmare instead of MS Hyper-V ? Now they will have almost no doubts to migrate to MS :((

                that’s really bad choice mates, but I know that it wasn't Vmware decision.

                Unfortunately your another decision (some months ago) was to finish support of C# vSphere Client that we admins, engineers, IT Pros loved so much.

                This is also another reason why MS will most probably win :((

                Not a best business decisions in my opinion.

                I'm also MS Engineer and MS Windows 2016 is really cloudy and DataCenters design OS, so it's really huge competition to VMware vSphere, it's really not a wise choice in this situation.

                So, maybe you (or DELL) just want that we switch again to some better product...? MS Windows 2016 is a really very good Cloud/DC product, Microsoft will welcome us and your customers again ;-))


                best regards


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                  vdp4life Novice

                  I think it's safe as long as it continues to support the OS you are trying to backup.


                  Has anyone actually tried to get pricing for the deal they are proposing?

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                    https://www.emc.com/en-us/microsites/offer-programs/vdp-eoa.htm As part of the EOA announcement it is also mentioned you can move to Avamar. Free 3 year 4TB license is what it states.

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                      leizerbeam Lurker

                      Hi all- I work on the business side of Dell EMC and have direct communication access to the PMs for Avamar (I used to run Avamar product management).  I am open to evaluating alternative options for you all - but I would like to directly speak to those who are currently in the middle of their VDP transition and are considering alternatives.


                      Please PM me directly.



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                        vdp4life Novice

                        I may ping you depending on what I hear back from my emc distributor.

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                          leizerbeam Lurker

                          Please do either way - this will help us bring you guys (our end users) a better experience.

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                            vdp4life Novice

                            Hey everyone. I heard back from EMC and we ended up moving to Avamar. If anyone has issues getting a quote, email me and i can help.

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                              SmokinJoe59 Novice

                              VDP, Linux and XFS are three things that should never be together, unless you want it to break.  Any word on a ZFS based Avimar?

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                                vdp4life Novice

                                I don't think it's gonna happen. The latest avamar virtual edition 7.5 is still xfs based.