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    vSphere 6.5 VDP 6.1.4 VMware Tools outdated

    matthew321 Novice



      This has been an ongoing issue with the last few VDP versions.


      I update vSphere to the latest version (in this case 6.5.0 5224529) and then the VMware tools on VDP appliances throws a warning that it is out of date.


      I learned the hard way that you cannot simply perform the "Upgrade VMware Tools" automatically... it just uninstalls it and then cannot install the new version.


      In the past I would just update to the newest version of VDP (in this case 6.1.4) and the problem would go away.


      However, it hasn't gone away...


      1. Is this problem really hurting anything? Backups seem to be ok.


      2. Is there a KB or something that acknowledges this issue and/or provides a fix?