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    virtual CCID  Bug:  Smartcard Reset

    ArthurMagner Novice

      There is an error in thre implementation of the usbccid of Workstation, and Fusion.  Look at the bold quote below.




      USB descriptor: readers/VMware_Virtual_USB_CCID2.txt

      Features: PIN Verification, PIN Modification

      Limitations: No extended APDU

      The dwFeatures looks to be incorrect. IFSD negoctiation by the driver is rejected. After a change to add CCID_CLASS_AUTO_IFSD then PC_to_RDR_GetSlotStatus fails with LIBUSB_ERROR_TIMEOUT. This reader is found in VMware workstation player 12 64 bit on Windows 7.

      In CCID release: 1.4.23




      VMWare virtual CCID reader bugs