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    old-desktop unable to get DHCP IP from DHCP Server VM running on new-desktop in LAN

    lvaibhavt Hot Shot

      Hello All,


      I have two desktop’s at my place for home lab. Let’s call them new-desktop and old-desktop


      Old-desktop boots from pen drive which has which ESXi 6 installed on it


      New-desktop has windows 7 as base OS. I am running VMware Workstation 12 and have configured my lab in it.


      On new-desktop in Workstation I have created a Widows 2003 DHCP machine/VM


      Old-desktop and new-desktop are connected to connected to Huawei router (this has been given to me by my ISP)


      old-desktop when it boots up always gets the IP (192.168.0.xx) from Huawei router instead of getting IP (10.1.1.xx) from DHCP windows server (running on new-desktop as a VM in Workstation)


      I would like my old-desktop to get DHCP IP from DHCP Server (windows 2003) running on new-desktop in Workstation 12 as a VM and not from Huawei router


      Please suggest what settings I need to change or view here





      Thanks in advance