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    Upgraded to 6.1.1. build-3533064 and lost the option to convert Acronis True Image files

    Dr_TDP Lurker



      Upgraded a day or two ago, and tried to convert a .tib file (WIn XP Pro 32) but there is no longer any options other than

      Source "Powered off" dropdown options:


      VMware Infrastructure virtual machine

      VMware Workstation or other VMware virtual machine

      Hyper-V server


      The .tib file is fine; Acronis gives it a clean bill of health.


      System: Win7 Pro 64 SP1 fully up-to-date; Intel i7 3770k @ 3,.5GHz; 16GB Corsair Vengeance 2133 MHz; 2x Samsung EVO 512 GB; 1x WD 1TB Caviar Black;

      Gigabyte Windforce HD7950 3GB graphics, Radeon software 16.12.2.


      I had no problems at all with the previous installation (quite old, dated from ~2014). Has the ability to convert .tib files been removed from the stanadlaone free converter?