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    PCPU Locked up failed to ack TLB invalidate ESXI 6.0 Update 2

    dmhamel21 Lurker

      We are having an issue on our 2 new servers.  We migrated to ESXI 6.0 U2 and installed an HA cluster.  Also running VSAN with 102 hosts., 4 - 1.98 TB SSD Drives per server.  I have an open ticket with SuperMicro and Vmware support.  We updated to the latest BIOS per support but still crashing.  About every 4 days 1 of the 2 new servers goes down.

      The only variable is the original SuperMicro Server SVDI has different Revision of Processors V2 V.S. V4.  Just wondering if anyone out there had this issue resolved and what it took to fix?


      See attached images for configuration and crash info....




      The HA is configured with 3 hosts, DRS is ON, HA is ON, EVC is Intel IVY Bridge Gen.  Total CPU Resources 155 Ghz.


      Total Memory: 1023.75 GB , Total Storage 15.56 TB, Total Processors 76, 0 datastore clusters, 1 VSAN Datastore.  104 Virtual Machines, Includes View, and Vcenter. View is windows server based, and Vcenter is linux.  Fully Automated Migration, with Host monitoring.  I have the Scratch logs going to 1 server for now.



      Thanks For any input in advance.

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          dmhamel21 Lurker

          Hello all the problem was resolved!!  It took SuperMicro to create a new bios for both of the 2 new servers to resolve the issue.  The new intel processors were having a problem with VMware multiple versions. 


          Manufacturer: "Supermicro"

              Product: "X10DRG-HT"

          "New Bios" X10DRGH7.411


          Manufacturer: "Supermicro"

              Product: "SYS-1028GR-TRT"


          Processor Info: #128

              Payload length: 0x2a

              Socket: "CPU 1" & "CPU 2"

              Socket Type: 0x2b (Socket LGA2011-3)

              Socket Status: Populated

              Type: 0x03 (CPU)

              Family: 0xb3 (Xeon)

              Manufacturer: "Intel"

              Version: "Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2660 v4 @ 2.00GHz"

              Processor ID: 0xbfebfbff000406f1

              Status: 0x01 (Enabled)

              External Clock: 100 MHz

              Max. Speed: 3600 MHz

              Current Speed: 2000 MHz