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    ClickOnce and UEM - Redirect LocalAppdata ?

    sentania Novice

      Howdy -


      I'm building out an instant clone based VDI environment.  Early in the build we discovered that one of our business critical applications was built around the MS ClickOnce technology/framework.


      After some frustrating conversations with the developers I was eventually able to capture the data with UEM and make it persist for the users.


      Fast forward a month or so, and I'm having some folks on my team who are eating our dog food, ask about Github Desktop and Atom (python editor).  Low and,  behold I discover they are also ClickOnce apps.


      I whip up a UEM profile that captures them, and to my dismay I now discover that my login time has jumped to just about 2 minutes due to UEM having to process and unpack nearly 700 MB of archives for just these two apps.


      Needless to say, this isn't optimal.  After discussions with another teammate we pondered the idea of updating our gold image to point the LocalAppdata directory to the users profile share, which would allow us to not have to deal with creating UEM profiles for ClickOnce apps. How To Make APPDATA and LOCALAPPDATA Environment Variables Follow The Registry Keys – Liquidware Labs Customer Support


      Thinapp also sounds like another option, but given that ClickOnce apps can be installed without admin privileges.  User conditioning to being able to install those sorts of apps, and my team already being overloaded with other onboarding activites and appstack creation, I'm worried that adding various Thinapp packaging to the flow, which we had hoped to avoid, isn't scalable for an unknown period of time.



      I'd appreciate any and all feedback.