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    HostProfile Policy Details

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      How can we get Policy ID and PolicyOption from the HostProfile.

      Can we Use queryPolicyMetadata

      Do we have any examples to get the details of 'PortgroupCreatePolicy'




      PowerCLI C:\> $pol | gm


         TypeName: VMware.Vim.ProfilePolicyMetadata


      Name                           MemberType                Definition

      ----                                ----------                         ----------

      Equals                         Method     bool Equals(System.Object obj)

      GetHashCode             Method     int GetHashCode()

      GetType                      Method     type GetType()

      ToString                      Method     string ToString()

      DynamicProperty       Property   VMware.Vim.DynamicProperty[] DynamicProperty {get;set;}

      DynamicType             Property   System.String DynamicType {get;set;}

      Id                                Property   VMware.Vim.ExtendedElementDescription Id {get;set;}

      PossibleOption           Property   VMware.Vim.ProfilePolicyOptionMetadata[] PossibleOption {get;set;}



      How to get the Value of ID and PossibleOptions