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    Option to export to OVA file gone in 6.5?

    srwsol Enthusiast

      Hi folks:


      I backup my VMs to OVA files (I'm got the essentials bundle and only a couple of hosts so I can do this manually), which I've typically done with the C client.  However, I created a new VM the other day and set it up as hardware version 13, meaning that it can't be managed with the C client any longer.  After I got it all configured I tried to export it to an OVA file with the vcenter server appliance 6.5 flash client, but I find that there is no option to create an OVA file.  Also, when I try to export to an OVF file, I don't get any choices of where the file is to be saved.  All I see are some tasks running saying exporting OVF template and OVF package that are stuck on 0 percent, and nothing else happens.


      Am I missing something here, or is this whole OVF / OVA export thing completely broken other than via the C client?